Baillie Nicol Jarvie was a Glasgow magistrate (and cousin of the infamous Rob Roy MacGregor) who stopped at an inn at the Clachan of Aberfoyle .


During his visit an argument broke out resulting in a burly Highlander drawing his sword and challenging the Baillie to a fight.  The Baillie attempted to draw his sword in response only to find it had rusted to its scabbard through lack of use.  In his desperation the Baillie grabbed the closest weapon to hand, which happened to be a poker red hot from the fire, and, in the scuffle, the poker set fire to the charging Highlander’s plaid sending him fleeing. The Highlander returned but only to concede defeat and congratulate Baillie on besting him. The poker was hung from the branches of the old oak tree which stood outside the inn as a reminder of the incident. 


Some years ago the poker was removed for safe-keeping and it was then thought to have been lost, but subsequently reappeared. More recently, the limb of the tree which held the poker was damaged during a storm and he poker has again been in safe keeping ever since, awaiting re-instatement to the tree.